iCab 4.6.1

Your taxi to the internet

iCab is a worthy alternative browser for Mac loaded with features. View full description


  • Passes Acid Test
  • Fast and full of extra features
  • Responsive developer


  • Security features a little clumsy
  • No Keychain support
  • Some pages do not render incorrectly

Very good

iCab is a worthy alternative browser for Mac loaded with features.

If you're tired of the usual Firefox, Safari, Camino or Opera, you might very well go for an alternative such as iCab. The latest 4.0 update has brought with it a significant amount of improvements, including a sleeker interface, faster load times and a new structure now based on Cocoa.

iCab passes the Acid Test, which is no slight feat, as even a browser like Firefox still fails it. However some pages using AJAX, like Gmail, do not render properly in iCab. Browsing the web is fast and you can open up new pages in tabs. Link manager can show all links related to a web page in a sidebar and files and pages can be saved via the download manager.

iCab is replete with features, including choosing what cookies you accept, filtering Java script and blocking ads. The security features felt a little clumsy to work with and we lament the lack of Keychain support but on the whole iCab feels secure.

Despite no Keychain support and pages with AJAX not rendering properly, iCab is a safe and feature stocked alternative browser for Mac.


  • TopTen feature implemented. Displays the most visited, the last visited and the favorite web sites similar to Expose as thumbnail overview.
  • Bookmarks can get color labels.
  • IRI support (can be switched on/off), displays language-specific characters in URLs as clear text.
  • Many other improvements and some bugfixes.

iCab is an alternative web browser for the Apple Macintosh with numerous useful features not found in other browsers. It offers 10 features that make it special:

  • Filtering advertising banners and much more
  • The kiosk mode will cover the whole screen and all other applications are blocked
  • iCab records all HTML errors of Web pages
  • HTML pages can be stored in a compact ZIP-file, including all images of the page
  • HTML pages can be downloaded automatically
  • Link manager
  • Source code manager
  • No system extensions
  • Open web page in new window or tabs
  • Highly configurable



iCab 4.6.1